Our company car washes, Gas, Industrial Electronics, Automation has been successfully manufacturing issues with 30 years experience working with a team of experts.

Our Mission

Our organization, designing innovative products, manufactured to the design and to use the highest possible local sources of production, creation of employment in production, profitability as well as efficiency provide, to create the domestic and quality brand perception, opening to foreign markets with high value-added products, has the mission to give importance to the basic ethical values .

Quality Policy

Our organization, to create a standard in the industry, to comply with local standards, certification to ISO 9001, 14001, and providing the 18001 basic requirements, the products are CE requirements and the conformity with the essential directives, provide traceability in the products and production has been adopted as the quality policy.

Our Goals

  • *To ensure customer satisfaction,
  • *Abroad to open up markets,
  • *Products to add diversity to our innovative products,
  • *Institutionalization,
  • *Domestic and overseas fairs to attend.

Our Vision

  • *Human and respect for nature,
  • *Compliance with the principles of business ethics,
  • *Safety, functionality, affordability,
  • *Productivity / profitability balance,
  • *Continuous change, development and innovation.



    Custom Designs

    Our company, people, companies and enterprises, all kinds of special requests and demands for product and application design, engineering, and we consider our experienced service staff.


    Car Wash Automation

    Located in petrol stations and regularly and to make efficient use of equipment in stand-alone residential car washing service is integrated into the automation system of economy, the benefits to business owners with easy control and monitoring facility is intended to provide.


    Car Wash Buildings

    Scope of application;

    Gas stations,

    Car wash services,

    Shopping centers,

    Parking lots,

    Car rental companies,


    Construction site.


    Technical Consultant

    Electronic solutions, equipment selection, choice of chemicals, water treatment, conditioning, waste water recycling systems, etc. We provide services in the area.


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