Feasibility and Investment



Evaluation of the market:

The car washing market in our country has a very strong development potential. In recent years, demands for self-service and touchless (brushless) washing platforms continue to increase.

A lot of investments have been made in the car wash segment so far, but it has not been able to take further steps from the classic image. The number of car washes in the touchless category is quite low. It has started to stand out as an additional service area with the investments of multinational and local oil companies, the majority of which operate within the fuel station network.

Due to the need for personnel in manual car wash facilities and the increasing cost of car washes, interest in self-service washes has begun to increase. Customers who are sensitive to price, cost and time savings have begun to show interest in touchless machines as an alternative car washing service.

Now is the time to fill the demand for self-service washes and touchless washers.


Market development:

In our country, elderly vehicle use is decreasing rapidly compared to the past. Due to the increasing number of high-cost and quality vehicles, it brings with it the quality of washing areas.

The number of people who want to establish and operate self-service and touchless (brushless) washing centers is increasing. Investment and operating costs provide a return on investment in a short time, depending on the location. It is generally accepted that multi-platform areas have high returns depending on the suitability of the land structure. The minimum malfunction rate and low service costs also keep general operating expenses low.


Washing center:


In order for the systems to be installed to be efficient enough and to guarantee the fastest return on investment, some work must be completed before implementation. Return on investment is guaranteed in a short time, provided that a comprehensive analysis is made before starting the project. We have prepared a procedure for this below. Based on the result of this analysis, we can determine the expected return on investment. The final decision belongs to the car wash investor. Above all, the main determining factor is the investor's ability to stand out in terms of marketing and business.

1) The selection of a suitable location for the implementation of the project is a very important factor for its commercial success. We therefore recommend a location with high car potential and easy transport links:

a) Fuel stations,

b) Parking lots of supermarkets and shopping malls,

c) Vehicle parking lots, logistics warehouses,

d) Car rental services,

e) Large residential estates.

2) The attractive design and appearance of the washing center is an effective advertisement and quality guarantee that customers are looking for.

3) The importance to be given to constant maintenance and cleaning.

4) Selection of high-quality and innovative technology that guarantees high competitiveness.

5) Auxiliary services (car mat washing machine), vacuum (vacuum cleaner) machine, dryer, tire air, refreshments, retail sales departments.



When a washing center concept is created with either manual, self-service or touchless, it is necessary to plan some infrastructure applications. Water filtration and softening systems, water heating systems, and osmosis systems for spotless rinsing are among these. In regions where climate conditions are cold, it is necessary to use anti-freezing protection systems. Heating the floor in washing areas is also an advantage for the same reason.

The possibility of heating washing water based on electricity, gas or liquid fuel will be replaced by alternative heating options such as solar energy in the future.

Another innovation is the possibility of drying vehicles using a manual drying nozzle. Application of alternative washing (wheels, rim, insects) products is available.

For the convenience of the user and the comfort of the washing platforms, features such as accessories, coin payment, magnetic key/card, coins, paper money, credit cards, bank cards, QR code, license plate reading are implemented. Remote monitoring of statistics and data via the internet or rapid error notifications via SMS are available.


Self Service Car Wash Station Project


1. Location selection for project implementation

- Suitable land area,

- Electricity, water network status,

- Easy transportation connections,

- Proximity to large residential areas, city centers, places where family houses are concentrated, and large sites,

- Location close to main roads, streets, intersections, roundabouts and places with high vehicle traffic,

- Fuel stations, LPG, CNG stations, shopping malls, supermarkets and shopping malls, large stores, technical inspection stations, etc. Location close to services that increase attractiveness,

- Good visibility and accessibility of the land,


2) Suitability of the land for the project and obtaining preliminary permits

- First of all, making an agreement with the land owner to purchase the land or, if not, to rent it, usually for a period of at least 10 years.

- By questioning the zoning status and determining its suitability for the project of this nature Inquiring and obtaining preliminary permissions.


3) Project drawing and engineering services

- First of all, it is important to choose the appropriate supplier for project and engineering works.

- When signing a contract with suppliers, it is recommended to determine the scope of design and engineering work on the project and provide all necessary permits for implementation. Also create a timeline and thus minimize excessive implementation time.

a) Preparation and presentation of projects,

b) Construction permit license,

c) Implementation documents (contractor assignment),

d) Construction works.


4) Installation of washing facility

- The time required from the beginning to the end of the project takes an average of 60 days, depending on the number of washing platforms and the condition of the administrative sections.


5) Commissioning

Congratulations on your business.




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